Go therefore and make disciples of all nations.
Matthew 28:19

Our Mission at Faith Baptist Church is to make, mature, and mobilize disciples of Jesus Christ. When we we say mobilize we don't just mean mobilize disciples in Northern Iowa but to the ends of the earth because Jesus tells us to makes disciples of ALL nations. We take that command seriously at Faith so we make missions a big part of our ministry here. Below is a list of the different missionaries and ministries that we partner with to spread the good news of Jesus across the world.

North America
  • Dean & Julie Blood – Alaska, BMM
  • Brad & Joanne Hoff – Field Director, CBM
  • Jon & Jeniffer Jenks – President, Baptist Church Planters
  • Darrel & Lori Jingst – EBI Literature, BMM
  • Pat & Bonnie Ryal – Retired from Nicaragua, ABWE
  • Dean & Waneta Button – Retired Church Builders, CBM
  • Paul & Stephanie Sprenger – Alaska, BMM
  • Frank & Alves Weirman – International Healthcare Ministries, ABWE
South America
  • Steve & Kelley Frerichs – Lima, Peru, ABWE
  • Jim & Julie Leonard – NE Brazil, BMM
  • Daryl & Earlynne Thompson – Chile, GMSA
  • Lee & Violette Abuhl – Togo, Africa, ABWE
  • Stephen & Edna Muindi – Kenya, BMM
  • Nate & Maam Beckman – Thailand, BMM
  • Rhonda Green – Micronesia & Guam, BMM
  • Henry & Molly John – Northern India, BMM
  • Tyler & Kat Betz – France, ABWE
  • Rick & Carol Ferrari – Retired from Ukraine, ABWE
  • Ted & Becky Fletchall – Germany, BMM

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